Letter to MSP about Anti-Bullying policy

Dear I am concerned about the recent media reporting of the increase of sexual harassment and sexual violence occurring within schools, not only in Scotland but across the U.K.. In 2016 both the Scottish and U.K. Governments held inquiries into the sexual harassment of children in school which revealed an alarming, epidemic rise of incidents. … Continue reading Letter to MSP about Anti-Bullying policy

Scottish Bill confirms “Transwomen ARE Women”

The Scottish Govts newly passed gender bill, the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scot) Bill, has redefined the language used in the GRA. A person is no longer reassigned a gender. This legislation now defines it as 'becoming female'. The GRA doesn't actually believe that a man can become female. It's purpose was to give … Continue reading Scottish Bill confirms “Transwomen ARE Women”

Transgender groups lobby Government to change the Equality Act 2010

Trans groups are simultaneously lobbying the UK Government to change the protected characteristics and scrap single sex provisions within the Equality Act 2010 AND being funded by the Scottish Government to develop guidance and deliver training to policy makers, organisations and service providers. Can anyone see that there might be some conflict here? We already … Continue reading Transgender groups lobby Government to change the Equality Act 2010

Who first mentioned Yogyakarta and Resolution 2048

This is an information sheet with cut & paste extracts and links to written evidence from the Women and Equalities Committee: Transgender Equality Report (2015). Page 9 "We also heard from various quarters the view that the UK government should adopt the overarching principles on trans equality embodied in two international declarations:21 • the Yogyakarta … Continue reading Who first mentioned Yogyakarta and Resolution 2048

Hoodwinked by the Government

The Scottish Government asked the following question during its consultation on the Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004. Question 1 The initial view of Scottish Government is that applicants for legal gender recognition should no longer need to produce medical evidence or evidence that they have lived in their acquired gender for a defined … Continue reading Hoodwinked by the Government

Meeting with the Cabinet Secretary

I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend a meeting with Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People, on 22nd August 2018. I am very grateful to the women responsible for arranging this meeting and also that they graciously extended the invitation to include myself. It was without … Continue reading Meeting with the Cabinet Secretary

Is the Equality Act 2010 sufficient at present?

In answering this question I would normally have said yes. It encompasses the range of groups who require additional protection e.g. race, disability, gender reassignment and sex etc. However, that is no longer as straightforward as it should be. Nowadays organisations and public authorities regularly amend the 'protected characteristics' by renaming and interpreting them to … Continue reading Is the Equality Act 2010 sufficient at present?