Explaining Gender and Gender Identity to a Child

This is how I explain gender and gender identity to my children –

‘Gender’ are the invisible rules that society says girls & boys, and women & men should follow eg girls can’t climb trees, or boys don’t cry.

Many people don’t agree with those rules though, of course girls can climb trees and of course boys get upset and cry.

These rules are just old fashioned nonsense and should be binned.

There are some people though who believe in those rules and think we should keep them. Perhaps they don’t feel they are strong enough to break them or perhaps they don’t even realise they can break them.

Some of these people call it their gender identity.

However, most of the population have never really given ‘gender’ much thought and happily go along with rules.

This happens easily because remember the rules are invisible, and it’s not until you find them and then you can question them yourself.

That’s the point when you can either agree or disagree with them.

The big problem just now is that they might not stay invisible rules for much longer, as the people who like them want to make them into a law.

They want to make it that everyone has to agree and believe that they have a gender identity.

But a person can only have a gender identity if they believe (and agree) in gender.

All the people who wanted these rules binned think everyone should be free to be themselves and making it a law is really, really unfair.

So, that’s why your mum has been on her iPad constantly for many, many months, writing lots and lots of letters to everyone she can possibly think of!!

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