“Feminists fight against gender choice in census”

Headline from an article in The Times Scotland

Too right we’re fighting back! Scottish women won’t put up with this anymore! #SexNotGenderIdentity

Prof Rosa Freedman @GoonerProf will give evidence to the Committee @SP_European on Thursday. Fantastic!!

The Trans Lobbyist tactics for changing legislation

1/ We are already doing it

2/ It won’t make a difference to anyone else, because the number of trans/NB are so low. – besides some other country already do it and they don’t have a problem with it.

The elevation of trans ‘rights’ are smothering everything that women having been fighting hard to achieve for years, yet hardly anyone in parliament is noticing this happening.

Look at the bigger picture & see how women are at a great risk of losing their sex-based protections

The Equality Impact Assessment carried out for this Census Bill confirms that Sex as a protected characteristic has not even been assessed as to whether the proposals will have any impact for those needing that protection i.e Women

Why are they considering these two separate characteristics together? They are not the same thing! Women need the sex-based protections currently available in the EqAct 2010. The Govt and Public Authorities must stop conflating sex with gender. A proper EQIA must be carried out.

I made this exact point in my written submission.

“Are these two separate protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010, Sex and Gender Reassignment, now being conflated into one?”

Looks like I’ve found my answer.

(Uplift from Twitter thread @Scottish_Women and extracts from the article, posted on 4/12/18)

<< I have 5 Campaign Aims and rectifying these policies is one of them >>
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