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GRA Consultation

Hoodwinked by the Government

The Scottish Government asked the following question during its consultation on the Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Question 1 The initial view of Scottish Government is that applicants for legal gender recognition should no longer need to produce medical evidence or evidence that they have lived in their acquired gender for a defined period. The Scottish Government proposes to bring forward legislation to introduce a self-declaratory system for legal gender recognition instead.

Do you agree or disagree with this proposal?

It was a question of such huge importance and in order to give an informed answer respondents needed to understand what was actually getting asked and reasons why we were being asked.

The consultation guide began explaining that calls for reform were initially expressed at the Westminster Women and Equalities Committee on Transgender Equality.

There were then multiple references made to the Yogyakarta Principles and Resolution 2048 Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which I would imagine most people were, like myself, not very familiar with. If the Scottish Government were wanting to “align Scotland with the best international practice” then I would have expected instead to see recommendations from the UN Human Rights Council or the Council of Europe Human Rights Commission …..

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Sex and Gender were intentionally conflated in the GRA consultation

Interestingly, what I also found out through my FOI request was not only did the Equality Network actively lobby the Scottish Govt @scotgov to intentionally conflate the terms sex and gender within the GRA consultation document.

Equality Network/Scottish Trans Alliance

They admitted that despite understanding the widely accepted differences between the terms sex and gender they deliberately use their own definition of sex

“We would think of your “sex” as including both your physical body and your gender identity”

Equality Network / Scottish Trans Alliance

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Gender Recognition Act Reform Information Sheet

On 9th Nov 2017 the Scottish Government opened a consultation about reviewing the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  It closed on 1st March 2018 having received over 15,500 responses, of which only 49% were from respondents resident in Scotland.  In November 2018 the Government published its independent analysis of the responses, and to date have not yet reached a decision on its next steps.

What happens under the current Gender Recognition Act 2004?

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 offers people the ability to have legal recognition of their preferred gender by issuing them with a Gender Recognition Certificate, which in turn permits them to be issued with a ‘new’ birth certificate.  This ‘new’ birth certificate …

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Changing the GRA will impact the Equality Act – Part 1

The Scottish Government have proposed reforms to the Gender Recogntion Act 2004 one of which is to remove the need for applicants to have a medical diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. Full details of the current requirements and proposals can be read here. Probably the most frequent response we hear when anyone raises any concerns about the proposals is that any changes to the Gender Reccognition Act will have zero impact on the protections within the Equality Act. I don’t believe this to be an accurate statement, and I have several reasons why I think so, and this post will explain one of them.

The following are quotes from the relevant legislations, the first being what the original purpose of the GRA legislation was and the defintion of the protected group as stated within the Equality Act.

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GRA Information Leaflet

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