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Women & Equalities Committee Evidence Information Sheet

This is an information sheet with cut & paste extracts and links to written evidence from the Women and Equalities Committee: Transgender Equality Report (2015).

Gender Recognition Act Reform Information Sheet

On 9th Nov 2017 the Scottish Government opened a consultation about reviewing the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  It closed on 1st March 2018 having received over 15,500 responses, of which only 49% were from respondents resident in Scotland.  In November 2018 the Government published its independent analysis of the responses, and to date have not yet reached a decision on its next steps.

GRA Information Leaflet

Women’s Sports Information Sheet

There is a growing pattern amongst sporting institutes who are announcing they have a trans inclusive approach to participation in sports.  This extends to individuals who do not have legal recognition of their preferred sex.  There are many examples worldwide but I will limit examples below which directly affect Scotland.

Prison Information Sheet

This Prison information sheet contains links to policies, media articles, legal findings and expert opinions. It may assist anyone who has concerns in this area and is wanting to raise them with their MSP for example. Please feel free to share its link with others.

Template Letter to Councils about ‘Gender Neutral’ School Toilets

Regarding (Name of school / Details of recent building works )

Regulations 15/16 of The School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967 states that the Sanitary Accommodations for pupils are to be split half for boys and half for girls.

Template Letter to MSP’s: Respect For All Anti-Bullying School Guidance & Sexual Harassment

I am concerned about the recent media reporting of the increase of sexual harassment and sexual violence occurring within schools, not only in Scotland but across the U.K.. In 2016 both the Scottish and U.K. Governments held inquiries into the sexual harassment of children in school which revealed an alarming, epidemic rise of incidents. Specialists

Open Letter to East Renfrewshire Council

Dear East Renfrewshire Council

Regulations 15 & 16 of The School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967 state that the Sanitary Accommodations for pupils are to be split half for boys and half for girls, this applies for both WC’s and wash areas. The Regulations make no reference to unisex or ‘gender neutral’ facilities.  

Open Letter to Dundee City Council

Open Letter to City of Edinburgh Council

Open Letter to Angus Council

Scottish Futures Trust

“We are an infrastructure delivery company owned by the Scottish government.”

“We work with every local authority across Scotland to push forward Scottish Government’s Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme.”

“Our role is to efficiently manage the programme to help local authorities achieve the very best value from their investment in new schools.”

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