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Women’s rights must be respected

It is currently impossible for a woman to have a discussion about her rights just now without being accused of attempting to ‘roll back trans rights’. Women generally had a good grasp of what we were legally entitled to in respect of single sex provisions, yet this reality has become very muddied in recent times.

Response to Shirley-Anne Somerville’s blog

I welcomed Shirley-Anne Somerville’s blog and was able to mostly agree with her words right up until this point –

“But it means the problem we face is not one of trans women wanting to feel safe and accepted – it is one of how we protect and safeguard women against potentially abusive men. That’s not a new problem in Scottish or global society – nor is it one created by trans women.”

Response to Glasgow Life FOI request

Earlier this week I was contacted by the Evening Times requesting a comment from me about the respon

se they had received from a Freedom of Information request at Glasgow Life. A month ago I had revealed the details of Glasgow Life’s Transgender Policy, and how access to single sex spaces like women’s changing rooms and showering facilities was on the basis of Self ID alone, and that they had even took the unusual step of extending it to include male Cross Dressers.

What are gender-free toilets, do we need them and should our schools have them?

There has been a lot of media attention recently about the controversial introduction of ‘gender neutral’ pupil toilets in schools. The various interpretations of the term ‘gender neutral’ has only added to the confusion so it’s important to be clear from the outset that it means mixed sex toilets as they are not in fact what we would widely recognise as standard single user accessible Unisex toilets.

Campaign Support

I have been thinking about all my campaigning over the last year or so, the different areas I have covered and what got me started on this path.  The LGBT Youth Scotland guidance was published near the end of 2017 and having school aged daughters it immediately caught my attention.  Around the same time the Scottish Government’s Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 consultation opened.

Women’s Movement in Scotland

Grassroots Women’s groups are forming all across Scotland as a direct result of concerns about the review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and its proposed introduction to legalise the ability that a person can Self Declare their Sex. At present the law requires a medical report confirming a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and a two year waiting period. The proposed reform would no longer require either of these two criteria and would simply be a matter of Self Declaration. This is very concerning for many women as our equality laws protect us

Campaign Aims

I have written about a number of different topics that are impacting negatively on women and girls in Scotland and I’ve tried before to come up with a list that I could publish here but it always got too long. However, what I did come to realise was that they were all based around the current law that protects us, i.e. The Equality Act 2010. How strange it is to then find myself campaigning for the current law to be upheld and maintained, aren’t campaigns usually about wanting

“Always Be True To Yourself”

I had been noticing for a while that very subtle changes were happening in just about every sector of society that amounted to the dilution of the sex based protections provided for women and girls. And yet ….. no public figures were even talking about this let alone making a fuss.

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