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School Guidance

Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Bullying and harassment of children in schools (01/09/18)

Meeting with the Cabinet Secretary (04/09/18)

Template Letter to MSP’s: Respect For All Anti-Bullying School Guidance & Sexual Harassment (22/09/18)

Update: Reply from the Scottish Government (26/11/18)

Sexual Harassment & Sexist Bullying of schoolgirls excluded from Anti-Bullying guidance (13/12/18)

Sexual Harassment in School Information Sheet (13/08/19)

RSHP Curriculum

Guidelines for Schools that 5yo can choose their gender to be rolled out next year (27/08/18)

LGBT Pupil Guidance

‘New transgender law will not harm anyone’s rights’, except in practice across most sectors! (14/02/18)

Controversial LGBT school guidance which discards single sex spaces and sports (04/06/18)

U-turn on controversial LGBT school guidance (18/08/18)

Edinburgh Schools Guidance (23/01/19)

School Resource for young lesbians (who have a penis)! (05/05/19)

Will the new School Trans Guidance include a review of the newly introduced Mixed Sex toilets? (30/06/19)

School Resource: Mentioning biological sex is ‘harmful to trans people’ (04/07/19)

School Toilets

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