Education Scotland promote a school resource aimed at young lesbians, as an inclusive and positive guide, to respect all partners, including trans, cis, non-binary and intersex, with explicit guidance for when “either you or your partner has a penis”.

Here’s Education Scotland tweeting links to the resources.

When you click on the link, the first resource it brings up is

‘Good sex is … for women who have sex with women’.

(Seems strange they didn’t just say Lesbians).

Right away it states it’s an inclusive and positive guide for young women, including our trans, cis, non-binary and intersex partners.   

It then comes to this page, 

‘If either you or your partner has a penis”

Education Scotland has tweeted this as a school resource. A resource that should be aimed at young lesbians. It’s completely bizarre that it can include the following phrase.

‘If either you or your partner has a penis” (?)

The equivalent guide for men is quite different from the one for women.  First is the title ‘Good sex is … for gay and bi men‘. The content doesn’t say anything about guys needing to be inclusive of trans, cis, non-binary and intersex partners. Nor does it say about the risks of having sex with a man with a vagina. 

It also states that there is another ‘Good sex Is … Guide for trans people‘ yet it still includes male people in the ‘Good sex is … for women who have sex with women’. Why couldn’t there have been a guide for women, men and trans?

Why is it only young lesbian women and girls who get advice about including partners with a penis into their dating pool?

Why does Education Scotland promote the view that young lesbians should include male partners?

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