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Census Bill to change question on Sex to Gender Identity

The Govt want to make amendments to the Census by adding in questions on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. This means a change in legislation is needed. Some questions are voluntary and some required with threat of penalty if unanswered. The Sexual Orientation question will be voluntary, just like the question on religion is.

However, it’s a different matter regarding Gender Identity. For starters, it hasn’t even been agreed what the questions will be and also what the definitions are of terms like ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender Identity’.

Now if you’re thinking that the definition of ‘Sex’ should be straightforward and reflect its meaning as stated in the Equality Act 2010 , then you’d mistaken. No, no it’s much more inclusive now & doesn’t mean biological sex or ‘legal’ sex anymore.

It’s self identified sex.

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Census Bill – Who exactly is driving this change?

In October 2018 the Committee called for evidence in relation to the proposals outlined within the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill, namely to introduce voluntary questions about gender identity and sexual orientation, and add a reference of “gender identity” to the mandatory Sex question within the schedule of matters of the census bill.  The Committee then received a high number of written submissions from both individual women and newly established Women’s Groups, formed as a reaction to the current proposals of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 review.  The main national women’s organisations are often represented by Engender, as the umbrella organisation, all of whom have publicly stated their full support of trans inclusive policies, but as many women across the country do not agree with this policy, many grassroot groups have been forming as a result   There are growing concerns that the sex based rights of women and girls are being diluted as public authorities across all sectors in Scotland are routinely replacing the protected characteristic Sex with Gender or Gender Identity; therefore women and girls are no longer receiving the full protections that should be afforded to them via the Equality Act 2010, nor are our views being represented by any of the current national women’s organisations.

Part of the evidence received by the Committee was the discovery that the National Records of Scotland (NRS) had been researching the design of the Sex and Gender Identity …..

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