CTEEA Committee Hear Evidence on Census Bill Part 1

On Thursday 6/12/18 the Scottish Parliament CTEEA Committee met to consider the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill at stage 1. They heard evidence from two panels. The first panel were Rosa Freedman, professor of law, conflict and global development at the University of Reading; and Susan Smith from the organisation For Women Scotland. The second panel were Vic Valentine, the Scottish trans policy officer for the Scottish trans alliance, and Tim Hopkins, the director of the Equality Network.

The Convener Joan McAlpine MSP and Deputy Convener Claire Baker MSP along with other Committee members, most notably Annabelle Ewing MSP and Kenneth Gibson MSP were all excellent. They were obviously very well prepared and asked the questions we have so long been wanting our MSP’s to ask. I sat watching from the public gallery in total awe of what I was witnessing first hand, question after question, the panels responses, it just kept getting better and better. It has taken us so long for us to get to this point that it felt bizarrely surreal that it was actually happening.

Both Rosa and Susan did a superb job delivering their evidence and the MSP’s, especially the Convener, brought all the relevant points needing discussed to the table. (If you haven’t yet had a chance, then you really need to watch the video or read the minutes as it will give you so much hope that we are at long last being heard and these important topics are being debated.)

But the Star of the Day, hands down, goes to Professor Rosa Freedman! Wow!

I was so honoured to meet Rosa, she is not only brilliantly intelligent and sharp as hell, she is great company and lots of fun. I would love to welcome Rosa back to Scotland anytime. Rosa, thank you!!

{This post has taken an unexpected turn, what was supposed to be a breakdown of the highlights and points made it now resembles a thanks and appreciation post. However, it is equally important that the good work of others is acknowledged so I am leaving this post as is and will create another one with my initial intentions in mind.}

Thank you everyone for the part you played in orchestrating our very own mini-GRA debate to be held in Parliament.

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Thank you, Susan Sinclair

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