Trans Lobby Groups tactics for changing legislation

The Trans Lobby Groups tactics for changing legislation, policies, guidance and practice has pretty much been consistent in recent years when you start to look back over everything they’ve been successful in changing.

There’s only two and they are really very simple.

#1 We are already doing it

#2 It won’t make a difference to anyone else, because the number of trans people / non-binary are so low. – besides some other country already do it and they don’t have a problem with it (or some similar variation of this, but you get my point!)

Try it, look back at everything they’ve fought for or still are fighting for, they use the same strategies every time. And maybe there is some truth in it, maybe they have a point, but before any changes are made to current practices it is incumbent on those in authority, who are responsible for providing services to the public, to ask them to provide the evidence to back up their claims.

What exactly are campaigners who say “We already do it” campaigning for if that statement were true? If “We already do it” then what exactly is it you want changed? If we dig a little deeper and carry out the proper checks we inevitably discover that we DON’T already do it, or if we do it’s only because it’s been sneaked in under the radar, with no women at the table nor any Equality Impact Assessments being performed. Unfortunately, this is exactly what’s been happening more often than not, and once that ‘hook’ has been established it will get brought out time and time again. We witnessed that tactic being played out just last week at the Culture Committee Meeting for the Census Bill amendments where reference was made to when the Scottish Parliament had earlier this year legislated that self identifying transwomen are women without the need for legal gender recognition. Is this how we want our country to be? One bad law that will set the precedent for every bad law thereafter?

As for the second point, how do we know the numbers? Are we just going to guess about this now? If campaigners want change it’s up to them to prove their case and they need to come up with evidence that’s relevant to THIS country. In Scotland the equality laws are intrinsically linked to the biological definition of sex, other countries may vary, with some having a clear distinction between sex and gender. So it isn’t accurate to whimsically compare our laws with other countries when asking for change without then highlighting that other differences exist.

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One thought on “Trans Lobby Groups tactics for changing legislation

  1. You are exactly correct. It is very important that women don’t buy into the first. There is way too much capitulation to the bogus claim that the Equality Act requires anyone to regard a transwomen as a woman or vice versa, and certainly it has nothing whatsoever to do with “non-binary” people because they were never even considered when the law was passed. Connecting with Trevor Phillips might be an idea, since he has come out very clearly in this regard and he helped shape the law. The longer women agree with trans people that the law says what they claim they want the law to say the less clear blue water argument there will be between the black letter law and the trans advocacy distortion on it.

    But we also need to keep seeing the bigger picture. I was banned yesterday from FB for 30 days for writing a very straight forward comment about research on why male bodies excel in sports vis a vis female bodies, on the basis of things going in their favour excluding testosterone. Twitter is banning women all the time for similar substantive based arguments. In this way, social media owners who are Democrat supporters in the USA, want to direct internet usage towards more immersive technologies (VR and AI) where people will not need their physical body because they will see in Virtual Reality. Workplaces are replacing humans with AI, look at the supermarket! The next place will be offices, that will issue people with home VR sets so they can work from home but be connected to a fake community. All the time separating people away from each other, women closer and closer to home.
    Do you want this? I remember many years ago reading a Dean R Koontz book about people connected into their computer screens as some sort of genetic manipulation. Half the people regressed to wild animal, half the people were sucked in and uploaded to the computer. How much easier to download information into our minds (already being trialed) if the environment we access it within is artificial? They are already talking about people attending their own funerals as robots with the consciousness from their mind uploaded to the Cloud!!!

    Our battle is not just against silly politicians too scared of not seeming “woke” enough, or against egotistical transpeople desperate to be at the centre of everything. It is also against a technological world that’s answer to having destroyed our ecosystem is to write some code and generate a pretend world we never need to physically enter.

    There is a reason this feels like a tsunami!

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