Susan Sinclair

Independent Researcher on Women's Sex Based Rights

Policy / Legislation

Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scot) Act 2018

Scottish Bill confirms “Transwomen ARE Women” (16/09/18)

Gender Representation Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 #AsktheMinister (13/12/18)

Gender Recognition Act

Hoodwinked by the Government (13/09/18)

Public Sector Equality Duty

Public Sector Equality Duty #AsktheMinister (13/12/18)

Scottish Government

#AsktheMinister – Various (01/12/18)

What’s the priority, Gender or Sex? (10/01/19)

Collect Sex-disaggregated data! Caroline Criado Perez (26/06/19)

Local Authorities

Councils are changing school toilets to gender neutral on guidance from LGBT group (28/08/18)

Scottish Councils replacing Sex with Gender (02/09/18)

LGBT groups want to scrap Single Sex Exemptions, deliver Equality training to Public Authorities (16/09/16)

Glasgow Life Changing Room Policy (17/04/19)

Collect Sex-disaggregated data! Caroline Criado Perez (26/06/19)

My comment to the Evening Times in response to a Glasgow Life FOI request

Womens Organisations

NACWG Plans to Legislate Candidate Quotas, but who are they targeting? (25/01/19)

The flawed guidance within Women’s Services: Scottish Women’s Aid (30/05/19)

LGBT Groups

Controversial LGBT school guidance which discards single sex spaces and sports (04/06/18)

LGBT Lobby Groups tactics for changing legislation (11/12/18)

U-turn on controversial LGBT school guidance (13/08/18)

Scottish Prison Service

Scottish Prison Service Policy written by Trans Lobby group (12/09/18)

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