There were 395 sexual assaults in prisons in 2017 and only 5% (21) occurred in women’s prisons. We know from recent headlines that 4 of those was by male trans prisoner Karen White who was housed in a women’s prison and sexually assaulted women.

Therefore we know that ONE male trans prisoner was responsible for 20% of ALL the sexual assaults that occurred in women’s prisons in 2017!!

The number of sexual assaults occurring in women’s prisons in recent years has more than doubled. Could it be anything to do with the decision to house transwomen there? It’s plausible considering the recent headlines.

These stats are for prisoners in England and Wales only and is available here. Similar data is not available for prisons in Scotland.

Are these figures even reliable anymore, we need to keep accurate stats. Who committed these other assaults, women or transwomen? This is one example of why using the phrase ‘Transwomen are women’ really needs to now stop.

Headlines and articles like these are chilling.

“Staff AND inmates are fearful after 5 transgender cons were placed in all-women’s jail”

Staff AND inmates …… it’s almost like they have some greater understanding of the criminal behaviour of males, the committee who made these decisions should have listened to them.

Of course we know for a fact that in Scotland, no one consulted female staff or female prisoners when they rewrote the policy to admit male trans prisoners who identify as women into women’s prisons.

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