Scottish Government have done a U-turn and no longer endorse this controversial transgender school guidance. This guidance has been distributed across all Local Authorities, many of which presumably adopted it on the understanding it had full Government backing.

The statement came as a result of threatened legal action over the guidance. The govt deny ever having endorsed it, saying it was an error of LGBT Scotland. The document has since been updated with the Govts logo removed.

The government say they are still supportive of it, so I’m not sure how much difference that makes.

BUT …. when I asked via FOI way back in March for information on impact assessments the Government specifically recommended the authors, citing they had school guidance.

At what point is a recommendation not an endorsement?

Is it when my FOI request is deleted from the Government website as if it never happened?

The one that *is* shown on the website is my other request I sent to Education Scotland. It’s really strange that only one of my requests now come up in searches.

So whilst it initially appears to be just quibbling over words, it very importantly reveals that the Government aren’t quite so confident in it standing up to legal challenge. Now is the time to write to your local politicians with your objections to this guidance.

If the Government are taking a step back on this I wonder what the Local Authorities will do. Could they stand up to legal action? Esp considering that the government had clearly stated that it was the councils’ responsibilities to perform Impact Assessments, & not them.

Please share this info with other parents & grandparents. Contact your school’s and councils. Ask them why no impact assessments were performed. Ask them if they still endorse it now that the Govt have removed its backing. These are the LA’s who have endorsed it so far.

(NB this is lifted from a thread on my Twitter account @Scottish_Women from 13/8/18)

I have 5 Campaign Aims and rectifying the legalities of policies is one of them.

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