Regarding (Name of school / Details of recent building works )

Regulations 15/16 of The School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967 states that the Sanitary Accommodations for pupils are to be split half for boys and half for girls. This applies both for WC and wash area. The Regulations make no reference to unisex facilities.

The Scottish Government opened a consultation between 17 July 2017 and 9 October 2017 with proposed amendments to these regulations, including the introduction of Unisex facilities. The analysis of responses to the public consultation exercise by the Scottish Government was reported by them on 10 January 2018. To date, the Scottish Government have taken no further action and the existing Regulations remain.

It is my understanding that any new building or significant alterations to any existing building must meet the current Regulations and it would be unlawful for (Name of council) to apply any other standards that do not meet these requirements. It is my understanding that the Sanitary Accommodation for pupils within (name of school) do not meet Regulations 15/16, namely that schools must provide separate single sex facilities, with half for boys and half for girls. (Name of school) accommodation consists of ( — describe situation, Unisex stalls only, no single sex wash area & no single sex WC facilities —–). It would appear that (name of council) have incorrectly applied their standard of building requirements to those proposed within a consultation paper instead of the current Regulations.

It is of great importance that (name of council) understands and acknowledges that those proposals are not official, and were merely cited within a consultation paper. Will (name of council) acknowledge their understanding that no amendments have been made to The School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967, nor do any proposed amendments exist or have been raised within the Scottish Parliament. These Regulations have not changed and the minimum standard required for school sanitary accommodation remain as always, namely that sanitary facilities (both WC and sink) shall be segregated by sex, with half for boys and half for girls.

I request that you review the current situation within (name of school) as a matter of urgency as it would appear that (name of council) have failed to abide by the Regulations which govern school premises.

Yours sincerely


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