CENSUS BILL – Who exactly is driving this change?

In October 2018 the Committee called for evidence in relation to the proposals outlined within the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill, namely to introduce voluntary questions about gender identity and sexual orientation, and add a reference of “gender identity” to the mandatory Sex question within the schedule of matters of the census bill.  The Committee then … Continue reading CENSUS BILL – Who exactly is driving this change?

Women’s Sport Information Sheet

There is a growing pattern amongst sporting institutes who are announcing they have a trans inclusive approach to participation in sports.  This extends to individuals who do not have legal recognition of their preferred sex.  There are many examples worldwide but I will limit examples below which directly affect Scotland. 1/ LGBT Youth Scotland guidance … Continue reading Women’s Sport Information Sheet

Lobby Group Tactics used at Census Bill Oral Evidence

I've posted before that Trans Lobby Groups use the same two tactics whenever they are campaigning for changes to legislation, policies etc #1 We are already doing it #2 It won't make a difference to anyone else, because the number of trans people / non-binary are so low On Thursday 6/12/18 the CTEEA Committee heard … Continue reading Lobby Group Tactics used at Census Bill Oral Evidence

Census Bill Written Submission

I welcome the proposal to amend the 2021 Census to enable data to be collected on Sexual Orientation and Trans, however clarity and further public consultation is required before the term ‘Gender Identity’ is written into any legislation. The Explanatory Notes accompanying the Bill state - “Sex already includes the gender with which a person … Continue reading Census Bill Written Submission