Now the UK Women & Equalities Committee have today published their report on Enforcing the Equality Act, will the TIE Campaign rethink their previous statement about trans peoples ‘right’ to access women only services and spaces.

Will they agree that women wanting their single sex spaces to be protected is not discrimination or violence against trans people?

Will the TIE Campaign agree that women having conversations about their own rights should not be framed as ‘rolling back the rights of trans people’?

Will the signatories of this letter acknowledge that women do have the right to single sex spaces and services, and that transgender people, whether or not they have a GRC can be excluded from those services? And that women who are requesting their own rights be upheld are not being hateful?

Myself & many others across Scotland have been highlighting the existence of the single sex exemptions within the Equality Act 2010 only to be told we were bigots or transphobes, and organisations like the TIE Campaign have reinforced those hateful comments by publishing letters like this.

Do the TIE Campaign recognise that women were right about the law supporting our position? Will they release a statement acknowledging the findings within the UK Women & Equalities Committee report?

Will they agree that trans people can be excluded from single sex services?